Do you have an invoice workflow or RPA-solution?

Would you like a better solution based on artificial intelligence?

Get rid of manuasetup and maintenance of robots and systems that handle your accounts payable. Artificial intelligence completes assignments faster, cheaper, and with better data quality controlAll without you or other colleagues spending any time on a new IT-system. 

Kender du det?

Du kan ikke overskue en opsætning, hvor der skal oprettes en regel for HVER leverandør og HVERT produkt fra leverandøren – og specielt fordi du har 25.000+ fakturaer om året?

Du er træt af at skulle være den intelligente part af din workflow- eller RPA-løsning, som du løbende manuelt skal vedligeholde og opdateres med nye regler?

Du magter ikke endnu et kæmpe IT projekt, der tager måneder fra opstart til drift, og æder dine ressourcer fra både jeres IT- og økonomiafdeling?

6 benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  1. Kaunt’s solution automatically posts invoices 100% based on data
  2. The AI algorithme scans your data for inconsistencies and compliance
  3. Saves time: There is no need to manually setup and maintain invoice workflows & RPA solutions 
  4. AI is selflearning and continuously implements optimizations
  5. Saves money: Can reduce your costs up to 75% 
  6. Frees up your employees for more important assignments 

There is a VERY big difference between working with workflows and rules, and using a tool like Kaunt. We are 100% AI driven and book your invoices with no manual setup or maintenance of rules.


Most people don’t know the difference, simply because they don’t keep up with new technology, or because the technology they use, uses the terminology of AI without being AI. 

With Kaunt we offer

A REAL automation

No manual setup or maintenance is required. Kaunt predicts accurate postings based on millions of data. From Day 1, we book your invoices correctly.

No more manually handled invoices and rules

Kaunts algorithm is selfdriven and automatically registers changes you make in terms of bookings, and implements them on the go. Kaunt also identifies deviations on invoices, like double invoices or potentially fake invoices from nonexistent companies. 

ROI in less than 30 days

You only pay for the invoices handled by the algorithm. Many customers experience a return on investment within a few weeks.

Easy, safe, secure, and fast integration

Kaunt integrates easily with your ERP or workflow system. All we need is user access to your ERP-system, and we will handle the rest. 

We work in your ERP

Kaunt is an intelligent AI engine that works in your existing system. All you need to do is define which business areas you want Kaunt to operate within, then you are ready to go!

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Some of our happy customers

If you want to know what our customers say, you can find the result in our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey.


With Kaunt you will...

Save time

With Kaunt, the handling and approval time of invoices is improved – and you ensure compliance with legislation

Eradicate manual errors

Automate data capture, verification and posting. Our platform automatically learns from previous managements.

Minimize clutter

Get a perfect overview of all invoices, payments and cash flow – simple and easy.

Kaunt is plug n’ play.
You just need to plug it in.

Kaunt is plug n’ play and integrates with all leading ERP-systems across the public and private sectors. Both traditional on-premise ERP-systems and cloud systems.


This includes the listed ERP: Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Visma, IFS, SAP S4/Hana, Navision, and Axapta. Along with the listed workflow systems: Medius, Continia, Palette, Exflow, Basware and SAP Ariba.

Signe Martha Lund, Account Executive – Kaunt

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  • Experience the advantages of using AI in your organisation
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