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The best way to experience Kaunt is to get a personalized demo. One of our experts will show you how your accounting practices can be automated in an intelligent way.

What you can expect from your 30-minute demo:

  • An understanding of how AI can help your finance department perform even better
  • Experience the ease of use and the reliability of Kaunt
  • Get a glimpse of the many future possibilities using Kaunt

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You probably have a lot of questions about how your finance department can benefit from AI. Reach out to one of our specialists to get a clearer picture.


Or contact our Account Executive,


Signe Martha Lund, by email or by phone +45 44127572 to discuss how Kaunt can help your business. 

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Account Coding

Automate your accounting with artificial intelligence. Fill the form and one of our AI experts will contact you and give you a live review of how your Accounts Payable processes can be automated.


  • Talk to an expert that focus on where you are and which systems you use
  • Save time on examinations and tests
  • Gain insight into the pricing model and hear about your benefits

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Stay updated with our newsletter

Sign up for our newsletter and get news and insights about intelligent automation in the finance department. A great way to stay on top of what’s happening in the area.


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Automatiser jeres kontering ved brug af kunstig intelligens. Send dine informationer, så vil en af vores AI eksperter kontakte dig, og give dig en live-gennemgang af hvordan dine bogføringsprocesser kan automatiseres.

  • Snak med en ekspert, der kan snakke udfra jeres systemer og opsætning
  • Spar tid på undersøgelser og test
  • Få indsigt i prismodellen og hør om jeres fordele

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Udfyld felterne nedenfor og en af vores specialister kontakter dig hurtigst muligt.