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Digital transformation in Dragør municipality with Kaunt


In 2019, Dragør Municipality began its digital transformation with Kaunt handling their supplier invoices. Kaunt’s solution, based on it’s state-of-the-art utilization of artificial intelligence, was perfect for Dragør municipality’s needs – assisting them in becoming more digital and freeing up more of their time and resources.


Cutbacks, increased effectiveness, and optimization is on the agenda of any municipality. This is nothing new. Newness is the format and it comes in many shapes and sizes. In Dragør municipality, the then financial director, Morten Højberg Vestergaard, together with the new head of the financial department, Bjarne Schultz Jensen, and the rest of their team, had a good idea. Together, they decided to investigate whether new technology, such as artificial intelligence, might be the solution to parts of the challenge. The team started a survey of various suppliers of automatic bookkeeping. After thoroughly researching the market for possible solutions, they chose Kaunt. Since then, Kaunt has been responsible for automatic invoice handling in some of their processes. This is an important and giant step in the municipality’s move toward digital transformation.


Katrine Wulf Jensen, financial consultant at Dragør municipality, explains:


“The digital journey is an extensive journey to embark on, and naturally, it has taken a certain degree of reconfiguration on our part to become ready to take advantage of the full potential of Kaunt. To me it’s still new, but the user interface of Kaunt is, in itself, both easy to get a hold of and user-friendly.”


In 2020, Dragør municipality began reaping the fruits of their collaboration with Kaunt. Currently, their daycare sector benefits the most from the digital transformation the municipality is experiencing. For Køjevænget, the head of daycare, implementing automatic bookkeeping what he calls “the robot”, has given him more energy, more time to focus on his other responsibilities and overall, a better grasp of financial functions.


Jette Rohardt Sommer, head of Køjevænget, says this about her experience with Kaunt:


“At the core, it saves time and is a workload off your shoulders. In the midst of busy days, I have often forgotten how much time I would spend on conjuring up the correct booking numbers. At the same time I get a pleasant feeling going on my computer to pay the bills, since now, there are just a few appendixes for me to attend to, while in the past, I would see it as an awful chore.


Dragør Municipality now understands that artifical intelligence, such as Kaunt, it not difficult to work with. On the contrary, it is a concrete tool which can lead to reduced expenditures and create better working conditions for those employed at the municipality. And their digital journey? Well, it has only just begun. 


Bjarne Schultz Jensen, director of the financial department at Dragør municipality, says:


“We are more than convinced that the solution from Kaunt can lead to expenditure cuts in our municipality as soon as it becomes part of our daily operations. In general, we eye great possibilites in the future for increasing effectiveness through technology. Kaunt is the first step on a longer, more extensive technological journey for us.”


Bjarne Schultz Jensen, director of the financial department – Dragør municipality.


In early October, the municipal board of directors adopted their 2021-2024 budget. In it was additional implementation of automatic bookkeeping tools to other areas of the municipality.


At Kaunt, we are excited to continue our collaboration with Dragør municipality, and helping them to use our solution to its fullest potential.


Digitalization is a crucial part of setting a new agenda for municipal practices, and this development is expected to continue, meaning that a digital tranformation of your municipality is a near inevitability. You can make sure that your municipality, like Dragør’s, becomes better equipped for a digital future by applying solutions from Kaunt. Let us help you use our solution to it’s fullest potential, too. 


Reach out to us at +45 70 60 21 02 or We offer a non-committal presentation of options online – but we’d also love to drop by and talk it through over a cup of coffee!  

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