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How AI is essential for any company and CFO, who wants to stay relevant in the present and future markets

One report after the other shows that the role of the CFO has fundamentally changed forever. Thanks to AI ​​and the Covid-19 pandemic, we face a new normal. The development has occurred much faster than expected and all industries, sectors, and borders are experiencing it.


At the same time, significant gains from AI after just a short time are reported across businesses, and the companies that have embraced the development are already preparing to take the next step into the performance-enhancing technology, if they have not already done so.

Improve your company’s competitiveness

If your business is to remain relevant in future markets, it must implement AI now. If you want to stay relevant as a CFO, you must lead the digital transformation. It will be too late if you wait just a few years. CFOs who refuse to implement AI also put themselves in a critical situation – especially if the company is prepared to embrace the technology.


At Kaunt our goal is to help financial departments thrive on AI. Our mission is to help you make your finance processes better, faster, and smarter by harnessing the power of AI and data insights.


Through automated accounting and automatic handling of invoices with KauntTM you can secure your competitiveness.


The CFO is facing one of the most uncompromising and most radical changes to its function ever. But it is also the beginning of what will be the most interesting, evolving, and innovative era for the role.


There are challenges ahead but even more solutions and unique opportunities to create a working life beyond the usual. A work-life that not only creates value for yourself but for the entire organization of which you are a part.

Time calls for action


As a CFO, you need to be prepared to disrupt yourself with breakthrough technology. Solutions like KauntTM‘s cloud-based AI make it easy for you, your employees, and your organization to jump into a new technological age that will catapult you miles ahead of the market. Let our AI-powered solution handle the invoices coming from your suppliers. Kaunt learns from your past accounting routines and ensures fast and reliable execution of a large chunk of your invoices, up to 95%. And the best part: Kaunt keeps learning and becomes even more valuable to your finance department with time.



There is no doubt. The CFO, fully committed to technology and taking ownership of their own, their employees, and their organization’s digital change by implementing AI, stand to win everything.


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