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More time for local citizen care by fully automating accounts payables

Skive municipality wanted more. And their path forward had been struck. It was time to dial up automation even further. That is, FULL Kaunt automation – where all invoices no longer needed to be handled through employee resources (apart from mandatory random testing and management inspection), Anette Andersen decided.


In November of 2018, Skive municipality signed a deal with Kaunt to deliver automatic bookkeeping of invoices. Kaunt’s solution, which is based on the use of artificial intelligence, was the perfect answer to Skive municipality’s need to simplify their administrative processes.


The city council has decided that Skive municipality needed to cut expenditures by 10 million DKK, the equivalent to 0.5% of their full budget. There was also a constant drive to optimize and work smarter. That’s why they decided to utilize Kaunt’s state-of-the-art technology to ensure that resources were freed up for local citizen access processes.


Anette Andersen, head of the auditing department at Skive municipality, knew that a number of their employees had requested working on projects where new technology played a crucial role. That’s why Kaunt – or “Enver,” as Skive municipality has dubbed the solution – got such a warm welcome.

“It has been an exciting journey for all of us.” says Anette Andersen.

Suddenly, we have been challenged by our own habits and routines when we have observed “Enver” book our invoices, and at the same time we have gained insight into how on an internal level, we can work toward simplifying the balance plan, the handling of the invoices that are not handled by “Enver,” as well as changing specific workflow procedures in our neck of the woods.”

Anette Andersen, Head of the auditing department
– Skive municipality

Lone Sejersen works at Citizen Service in Skive municipality and is responsible for the leading transformation as well as taking care of a number of invoices every day. As early as 2018, Skive municipality decided to invest in Kaunt (then Enversion A/S), with the purpose of freeing up internal resources and embarking on a “digital journey” to the benefit of the municipality in general, and not least to those employees involved daily in projects which technology can help solve.


“To me, the implementation of Kaunt has meant more time each day for projects that are closer to the citizens. Kaunt resolves the invoices that I would otherwise spend time handling on a daily basis. Instead, now I can devote time to the projects that I’m passionate about, and that in the end produce more value for the citizens of Skive municipality and those of us employed by the municipality.”


Skive municipality wanted more. And the path forward had been carved. Now it was time to dial up automation even further. That is, FULL automation where invoices no longer needed to be handled through employee resources (apart from mandatory random testing and management inspection).


Anette Andersen explains:

We don’t want the middle-of-the-road solution with booking suggestions. The reason we think “Enver” does such a good job is that “Enver” wraps up the task completely and forwards the invoices for automatic payment after processing. Now, we’re looking ahead to the next leg of the journey.


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