AI driven invoice automation

Kaunt addresses one of the most manual and inefficient tasks in accounting – correct invoice data entering and categorisation.

Automatic annual recurring revenue - on existing customers

AI as a service

Kaunt is an easy to integrate AI service to your customers’ existing Accounts Payable Solutions.

Grow your earnings with AI

Earn new recurring revenue on your existing customer base.

Seamless plug-in integration

AI technology embedded in your customers’ existing stack. Easy to integrate with our standard extensions.

Why should your customers get Kaunt?

The Kaunt Ai technology delivers accurate account and dimension predictions in real time in your purchase invoice system and integrates easily into any ERP system.


Real AI

100% Full account coding automation

No Rules

No handling

No maintenance



Kaunt’s Cloud-based technology is scalable and integrates easily into any ERP solution


Low touch solution

Quick API integration

No new system

No new platform

100% plugin

Free up to 95% of the time spent on manually Non-PO Accounts Payable processes

Kaunt learns from past accounting routines and ensures fast and reliable execution of a large chunk of invoices.

Get started today

– For customers with +1000 invoices a month 

– SaaS and AIaaS solution supported by API

– Full 2nd line support

– Full team of domain experts

– Full API documentation

Kaunt supports

Accelerate your customers digital transformation of accounting and finance using Artificial Intelligence

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Automate your
Account Coding

Automate your accounting with artificial intelligence. Fill the form and one of our AI experts will contact you and give you a live review of how your Accounts Payable processes can be automated.


  • Talk to an expert that focus on where you are and which systems you use
  • Save time on examinations and tests
  • Gain insight into the pricing model and hear about your benefits