The AI-powered finance solution that creates tangible business value

Do you run a finance department? Then you are meant for greater things than just keeping scores. You actually have an immensely valuable pool of information and insight that can help your company make better strategic decisions, and faster. The challenge is to get the daily tasks done in an efficient and value-creating way so that you can focus on the big picture.

Artificial intelligence is the way forward for ambitious CFOs and their finance departments. Start now.

You don’t need an accounting robot. You need an intelligent system that gets better and better.

All ambitious CFOs are looking for ways to automate manual processes. This is great and the way to go, but many settle for less than the optimal solution. Sure, you can have a rule-based automation system that saves time and money for you, but why not choose the path of artificial intelligence? AI injects the learning ability into your automatic processes, making them grow in competence and giving them the ability to create value.


Kaunt is an AI-driven solution for financial departments that want to take a leap into an intelligent future.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Intelligent and automatic accounting of accounts payable

Let our AI-powered solution handle the invoices coming from your suppliers. Kaunt learns from your past accounting routines and ensures fast and reliable execution of a large chunk of your invoices, typically up to 60 %. And the best part: Kaunt keeps learning and become even more valuable to your finance department.

Data access

Structured data access to all invoice information

Kaunt builds a rich database full of well-structured data points from the invoice handling process. You have full access to this information and can feed it into your Business Intelligence System to create better, faster and more detailed visuals, which can help your decision-making.

VAT Review

Effective DK VAT review for public institutions

Large amounts of money are at stake when claiming VAT refunds. Kaunt helps you keep track of each and every invoice to make sure that you get the full refund you are eligible for.

Chart of Accounts

Chart of accounts optimization

Has your account chart become too complicated? Does it have a clear structure that allows for stringent analyses and machine learning? Let Kaunt analyze your chart of accounts and suggest how it can be simplified and made more useful.

Invoice Governance

Intelligent supplier invoice governance (coming soon)

There’s always room for improvement and Kaunt finds it. The system makes a sample of all supplier invoices handled on a regular basis – manually, by EDI or by Kaunt – so they can be compared. This will point out if any practices are non-compliant and need an update.

A wide range of services

The Kaunt platform will take your automation strategy to a new level – but there’s more. We offer several services that support your work so that you can create impressive results.


Optimization analysis

Before installing Kaunt we analyze your workflow to see how much can be automated.

Proof of concept

A deeper analysis with data export to train the algorithm.


Introduction meeting, training of employees, status meetings and business reviews.


FAQ, daily tickets, phone- and email support.

Ad hoc analyses

A closer look when needed, for instance analysis of further automation potential.

Ready to benefit from AI in your finance department?