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Are you a CFO? AI is fundamentally changing your role

The role of the CFO is changing rapidly. From looking to the past and checking the books, to predicting the future and becoming the valued advisor of the CEO, management, and the board. Artificial intelligence is driving this fundamental change in your role. And while it can be daunting to have a root change your job, it also offers a unique opportunity for the ambitious CFO. Here’s why: 

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Unsure whether automating accounts payables is right for you?

Kaunt A/S’ solution for automatic accounting makes your accounting easier, better, and more effective through automation. Kaunt frees up resources through automated accounting and automatic handling of invoices.

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Kaunt VAT-review - completed tasks from start to finish

The VAT refund system IS complicated, but there’s help to be had with AI-based booking algorithms. Kaunt drives the market with the most advanced solution for automatic invoice handling, We’ve helped over 25 Danish municipalities successfully move to Kaunt’s VAT-review. Our system has expert knowledge of the VAT refund regulations, and absorbs pattern-based learning from the historic booking practiceAlso we’ve receive one-on-one training from leading accounting and VAT experts from PwC.  

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Your all-in-one tool for fully automatic bookkeeping with AI

Kaunt A/S’ solution for automatic bookkeeping has been built to make fully automatic bookkeeping easier, better, and more effective. This is how we do it:

Invoice Governance

More than 25 municipalities have chosen Kaunt for fully automatic bookkeeping

Kaunt boosts your bookkeeping. As the sole supplier in Denmark, we offer a solution where every step – from set-up to operation and on-going review – is 100% automated.

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