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Digitalization has been on the agenda in all sectors and organisations for many years. According to experts in the field, artificial intelligence is the “industrialization of our time” – an era which has just started. It is no longer about “if”, but “how.” Kaunt is an IPA tool (Intelligent Process Automation) which takes care of some of the accounting tasks, improves compliance in the organisation, and provides a unique insights into data for future decisions. With intelligent automation you will free up time for more value-creating jobs and ensure the professional development of your employees, your teams and your entire organisation, so that you stay competitive for your customers.

We offer standard integrations for both Microsoft and SAP ERPs. No changes to your systems or IT setup in general are necessary.

We are experienced in working with workflow solutions, and we support the workflow system. In most workflow systems you can capture an invoice and set up rules on how to handle the invoice. Kaunt integrates with your current workflow system and posts your invoices so you don’t need to set up rules for each invoice.

No, Kaunt is not a capture system, but a lot of great solutions are available for this task. Kaunt often works with a capture system which reads all invoices and makes their data available in electronic format, ready for Kaunt to process.

No, Kaunt is not a workflow system but it can supplement one. It can also function on its own.

Yes, Kaunt is GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001 and ISAE3402 certified.


Automatic Invoice Handling

Dive deeper into the invoice automation solution by reading our replies to our most commonly asked questions. 

Kaunt utilizes the most advanced tools in artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle your invoices automatically, without manual involvement or maintenance and independently of which ERP system you use. Kaunt quickly learns from your accounting practice in order to replicate, optimize, and automate the process for future invoices.


Kaunt is not a rule-based system, like the ones we know from payment plans where you choose which fields to read. This is one of the biggest advantages of Kaunt. Rule-based systems require a comprehensive set-up process, and ongoing maintenance. This is costly. Kaunt is built on self-learning algorithms. This eliminates the need for complicated set-up and maintenance routines.

This varies from company to company and it’s dependant on the level of complexity in your accounting process. If you have a simple chart of accounts, +/- 5,000 invoices is the point where Kaunt begins to make sense. From this number and up, Kaunt has enough invoices to learn from and improve process as it goes. 

With Kaunt, an invoice will be posted, risk-assessed, and forwarded to payment in only a few seconds – 100 % automatically in real-time. This automatic handling gives your employees more time to focus on their other projects.

With 5,000+ invoices processed automatically, Kaunt will be a real time saver for you.

The Kaunt solution offers state-of-the-art intelligent automation of invoice handling, improved compliance, and unique insights into data. Kaunt can automate thinvoices which are not handled by your current rule-based invoice-handling, standard workflows, or fixed PO-agreements system


Therefore, it is always relevant to let Kaunt make full use of the work you have put into automating your processes, and take care of the part not yet automated.   

If you have a capture or scanning system that reads and transfers data from your PDF invoices to your financial system, Kaunt will most likely be able to post based on the data, depending on the quality of the image. 

Kaunt lets you choose which invoices should be approved manually, which you would like automated, and which you would like to review before processing. By amount, or business name. From your dashboard you can keep an eye on how Kaunt works and have a clear overview. This helps you feel comfortable during the implementation of Kaunt and also will help the system grow with you. 

Kaunt will let you handle the new rules manually a number of times before it begins to post by itself. Kaunt needs to detect and learn the new pattern before it goes to work.

The invoices which Kaunt cannot handle automatically will be left to manual handling. They will enter your normal workflow.

Kaunt does its accounting with a minimum of 95% accuracy. 

No, Kaunt is a self-running solution that does not require setup or maintenance. We give you a solid introduction at the start so that you can feel safe and confident using Kaunt. 

Absolutely, and Kaunt reads everything on the invoice and records all details. Kaunt can automate your accounting process with a very high level of complexity. 

Generally, Kaunt will not post on new accounts until you have done it a number of times manually. Kaunt then learns the pattern and automates the job. If there is mapping between the old and the new chart of accounts, Kaunt will be able to post immediately following the transition. 

Kaunt has been approved by several major accounting companies which audit Danish municipalities. If you have questions about this, you are welcome to contact us for guidance ohow other customers have handled this. By the way, the other more traditional payment plans/systems, also post their invoices without human involvement. 

Yes, there’s no reason to wait. We can show you how Kaunt can integrate with your new system or workflow. Let’s talk. 

We need a minimum amount of information from you before we start. This will vary depending on your current systems.

That depends on the size of your company and the solution we are going to implement for you. Small companies can be up and running within a few days, while large enterprises may take weeks. Once we know how you’d like to use Kauntwe will provide a schedule before we begin. 

Kaunt is an AI-based solution which means that it is self-learning, unlike a RPA system which needs to be set up and maintained. If you were to do the same jobs with RPA that Kaunt does, it would be an extensive process of creating tasks and setting up rules to do the job. An AI-based tool, on the other hand, is a smart solution. It creates its own tasks and learns along the way, needing no maintenance.

We are experienced in working with workflow solutions and support the workflow system. In many such systems, you can capture an invoice and set up rules on how to handle the invoice. Kaunt integrates with your workflow system and posts your invoices automatically, so that you don’t have to set up rules for accounting for each single invoice. 

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