Kaunt for enterprise

Intelligent automation that helps you focus on the big picture

Large enterprise companies rely on Kaunt to automate processes in their finance departments, like Accounts Payable and Account Coding, for greater efficiency, lower costs, and better data for strategic decision-making.

What Kaunt can do for your enterprise company

Give you more time and data for strategic development

Kaunt takes over a large portion of manual account coding tasks, freeing up time, and providing important data to support the strategic role you need to take as a CFO.

Pick up the marginal gains that can make a huge difference

Our AI-powered solution automatically processes a large portion of incoming invoices, streamlining the accounting process to save time, avoid errors, and produce valuable data for strategic decision-making.

Deliver financial reports faster

Kaunt helps you stay on top of accounting so that you can deliver reports immediately after each financial period. This helps your management team and the board keep track of past expenditures and prepare for the future.

Inject intelligence into automatic processes

Kaunt is more than a robot for automating simple administrative tasks. Our solution is built using advanced AI-technology that enables it to master new tasks and become an ever-evolving sophisticated problem solver.

Get a solution you can’t outgrow

Kaunt is an AI-platform that will host a wide range of powerful business tools in the near future. Automated invoice handling, sampling for supervision, and chart of accounts analysis are available now, and many more tools will follow.

Find out which suppliers you should focus on

Kaunt helps you make a detailed analysis of your supplier base – which ones you really depend on and which ones you could do without. Improving the quality of your suppliers means lower administrative costs.

Attract the best talent

Recruitment is the biggest headache of most CFOs. The new generation of financial professionals wants varied, challenging, and engaging tasks – and a technologically-advanced environment. Kaunt helps you get there.

Some of our happy enterprise clients

Frank 5

If you are a CFO you need to read this great article about bots and algorithms in the finance function - by McKinsey.

According to McKinsey around 60% of the processes in major finance departments can be automated for the benefit of the company’s productivity, employee satisfaction and market position.”

Frank Aaquist, CEO

– Kaunt

Read the article “Bots, Algorithms, and the future of the finance function” here

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