Kaunt for midsize companies

Turn your finance department into a powerhouse with dedicated AI

Kaunt helps midsize companies upgrade and streamline their finance departments. AI-powered accounting reduces time spent on administration and improves data quality, so that your employees can focus on creating value for the business.

Accounts Payable Automation for midsize companies

Make room for more productive work

By utilizing AI in a smart way, Kaunt takes over a large part of the accounting tasks. This saves a lot of time, which can be put to better use like upgrading procedures, modelling, making future scenarios, and other business-critical activities.

Improve employee satisfaction

Administrative tasks often take up much of an employee’s day, leaving little time for more rewarding and engaging work. Organizations have seen employee satisfaction improve significantly after Kaunt has been implemented.

Keep suppliers happy

Unstable payment patterns can stress your supplier relationships. Kaunt gets things done on time, letting your supplier know that you are a reliable customer.

Minimize extensive manual work

The more routines you can automate, the better it is for your business. Expensive man-hours should be allocated to tasks where real value is created, not tasks executed better by algorithms.

Take the first step into an AI-powered future

Kaunt is an AI-platform that will host a wide range of powerful business tools in the near future. Automated invoice handling, sampling for supervision, and chart of accounts analysis are available now. And many more tools will follow.

Some of our happy clients

Predicting the future isn’t magic. Its AI!.”

Dave Waters, Supply Chain Today


AI is a technology moving forward and it is moving fast. In this whitepaper you can get insights on how AI can help your financial department. Get ready to dive deep and learn more about AI in finance.

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