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Unsure whether automated accounting is right for you?

Kaunt A/S’ solution for automatic accounting makes your accounting easier, better and more effective through automation. Kaunt frees up resources through automated accounting and automatic handling of invoices.

Automatic invoice handling and an automated accounting department

Are you unsure whether automated accounting is the right thing for you and your organization? Does automating your invoices even make sense? Is invoice handling in your organization too complex to be handled automatically? And how quickly can your organization utilize Kaunt?


Among other things, Kaunt A/S was conceived in order to make accounting easier, better and more effective through AI-based automation. We have developed a solution for you and your employees that deal with accounting inside working hours. Kaunt frees up time and resources through automatic accounting and automated handling of invoices, so that you can spend your time evolving as individuals and as an organization. The solution also ensures that your company can apply itself to other, important projects, while Kaunt works for you in the background automatically – in the cloud, in fact. That’s why, if you are handling invoices daily and wish to put your energy into other, value-building work projects, you should read on! 


You can read more about our solution for automatic accounting here.

Why does it even make sense to automate your incoming supplier invoices?

With the solution from Kaunt, we automate your accounting department. Automated accounting makes sense for a multitude of reasons. Think on how long you spend, on average, taking care of supplier payments every day. With Kaunt, an invoice is booked, risk assessed and forwarded for payment in less than 1 minute. Automatic handling frees up time for the individual employee, who can solve other tasks with the peace of mind that Kaunt is handling the invoices 100% automatically in real-time. This means that, as long as you spend more than 1 minute per invoice, a helping hand from Kaunt makes sense to your organization.

Is the invoice handling in your organization too complex to be handled automatically?

You don’t have to wonder whether Kaunt is integrable to your ERP system, whether it’s KMD Opus, Navision Stat, SAP, ØS Indsigt, or something entirely different. Kaunt resides on top of your existing economic system, all we need to do is train the solution to understand the accounting standards of the organization, and after that, Kaunt propels itself. You are in control of which invoices you want Kaunt to handle for you, which ones you want to run final approval checks on, and which ones you want to handle 100% on your own. 


Do you grow skeptical at the thought of an algorithm, and not the human eye, handling your invoices? You can rest easy. Kaunt is accessible to our developers at all times in case of errors that need adjusting. You also have the option to call our support staff if you have question about Kaunt.


Automated accounting happens when you put your accounting department on autopilot and streamline it. Kaunt is an AI-solution, built on machine learning algorithms as well as AI. That’s why the AI-robot is learning from you, since Kaunt looks at the historical data of your organization specifically as well as best practice within the accounting department. The algorithm takes shape and develops into one that finds and identifies unusual elements on an invoice. When this happens, Kaunt extracts the invoice for manual checkup. In this way, you stay in control and maintain a transparent overview of the invoices that you want Kaunt to handle.

How quickly can your organization make use of Kaunt?

How qiuckly you wish to begin automating your accounting department is up to you and your organization. Training of the algorithm and adjusting to your setup only takes a couple of weeks. Obviously, Kaunt is ISO 27001-certified as well as GDPR-certified, and every year we order an ISAE 3402 statement, so that you’re absolutely home-free. If you would like to start automated accounting, or if you have burning questions about Kaunt, you’re more that welcome to contact us at / +45 70 60 21 02 or book a short demo.  

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