Accounts Payable Automation

Fast, reliable, always learning.
The intelligent solution for invoice handling.

Automate the handling of accounts payable with the AI-powered Kaunt platform. Not only does it work much faster and more consistently than even the best accountant, it also keeps learning and improving. Typically, Kaunt takes care of between 40% and 80% of invoices, reducing time spent on accounting significantly.

We are convinced that Kaunt will contribute to savings for the municipality as soon as the solution becomes part of daily operations.

Generally we see great opportunities to streamline through the use of technology looking ahead. Kaunt is the first step on a long and comprehensive technological journey for us”.


Bjarne Schultz Jensen, Head of Finance

– Dragør Kommune, Denmark

Why you should automate your accounts payables with kaunt

Fast and cost-efficient handling of account payables

Increased job satisfaction by assigning people to more business-critical and rewarding tasks

A better overview and more predictive data to support strategic decision-making

Improved consistency and compliance in posting practices

No maintenance – Kaunt is AI-based and keeps learning by itself

Your personal dashboard ensures that you remain in full control

How it works

Kaunt posts your suppliers’ invoices automatically, based on millions of data points on how they have been handled historically. The invoices that cannot be posted safely will be left for the accountant to deal with. Kaunt “looks over the accountant’s shoulder” to keep learning and so the ratio of invoices it can handle keeps climbing.

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Selected features


You decide if you want an upper limit so Kaunt only posts the invoices you are comfortable with, hereby tailoring the invoice management to your specific company/needs.

Control sampling

To keep standards high and reveal inconsistencies, Kaunt samples approximately 5 % of all the supplier invoices handled, by EDI or by Kaunt, for you to check.

Employee approval

You decide how many invoices you want to have handled fully automatically, and which invoices need a double check or goods reception control before approval for payment.

Detailed dashboard

The control panel gives you a complete real-time overview of the invoices Kaunt has handled, maintaining full control, and enabling you to make real-time decisions based on your organization’s data.

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