Chart of accounts

Simplify your chart of accounts and improve the quality of accounting.

Growing companies usually have growing charts of accounts. These charts can become complex to the point of no longer making sense to the business, to the accountant, or to an AI-powered accounting system. Kaunt offers an automated analysis of account charts, pointing out how to simplify it and thus making it more useful and valuable for everybody.

Many large organizations have several thousand accounts. Far from all of these are being used optimally, or at all.

With Kaunt you can reduce the risk of inefficient use of your accounts and get a complete overview of all accounts, how they are used now and how they have been used over time. A simplified chart of accounts will help organizations understand where to improve the account setup”.


Søren Skibsted Als, Tech Lead

– Kaunt

Why you should let Kaunt restructure your account:

A simpler chart of accounts supports correct accounting

You have a clearer overview

It is easier to make cost analyses

Identification of potential for accounting errors

Fewer accounts makes it easier for Kaunt to detect patterns for learning

You get rid of dead accounts and garbage accounts

How it works

The Kaunt account analysis looks at your total chart of accounts and suggests where accounts can be merged or skipped altogether. The aim is to create stronger historic data; one account with 50 posts is a better source for predictive information than 10 accounts with five posts each.

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What Kaunt finds

Inactive accounts

Kaunt scans the chart of accounts to locate accounts never or seldomly used.

More accounts with same purpose

Kaunt is able to locate identical invoices that have been posted on different accounts.