Data access

Deeper insights and better understanding.
Base your decisions on well-structured data.

No strategic decision is better than the data that informs it. During the automated accounting process, Kaunt collects thousands of data points that can be used for detailed modeling in your Business intelligence system.

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Our customers can base their decisions on accurate, real-time data provided by Kaunt.”

Frank Aaquist, CEO
– Kaunt

Why you should build a rich database with Kaunt:

Better and more detailed data is created for your BI system

Gain valuable insights about the state of your business in real time

Discover patterns today that will affect your business tomorrow

Base important decisions on solid knowledge

Analyze across accounting data and invoice data to extract more valuable information

Spend less time on data extraction

How it works

All data can be linked to your Business intelligence system or exported to Excel for processing. You can model and present data in the form and context you choose.

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Two ways to pull data from Kaunt

1. Via an API to your BI system

The ideal option if you are a power-user or just want to secure a steady pipeline of data to your BI system. Feed your BI with rich, structured data to create a clear picture of your business, and give you a solid foundation for decision-making.

2. Export to Excel

You can easily export the report as an Excel sheet for aggregation and analysis of data.

Automate your
Account Coding

Automate your accounting with artificial intelligence. Fill the form and one of our AI experts will contact you and give you a live review of how your Accounts Payable processes can be automated.


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