DK VAT review for public institutions

Is your VAT accounting 100% compliant?
Let Kaunt do the checking.

VAT can be a complicated affair for public companies. Different VAT rates apply across the many types of supplier invoices. It’s easy to make errors. Kaunt keeps an eye on all invoices and makes sure that your VAT accounting is fully compliant.


Despite our books having been scrutinized by external sales tax experts during 2013 to 2015, the AI-based algorithms of Kaunt were able to discover many small posting errors regarding sales tax.

This meant that we could seek a significant sales tax refund and thereby fully finance the Kaunt solution by that alone.”


Karsten Effe Jespersen, Head of Finance

– Svendborg Kommune, Denmark

Why you should let Kaunt check your VAT:

Kaunt improves your VAT-related compliance, ensuring that you don’t pay too much or too little

The opportunities for errors are drastically minimized

Systematic errors in VAT procedures, if any, are detected and corrected

Your VAT practices will be adjusted to comply with legislation

Kaunt streamlines accounting practices step-by-step. It’s AI-motor collects data and finds patterns

How it works

When you let Kaunt review your VAT accounting you are assured that everything is in full compliance with current local regulations. The process covers both direct VAT (the regular 25 %) and indirect VAT which is “hidden” on the actual invoice but eligible for a refund.

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The steps

1. Kaunt extracts data for control

A list of candidates with potentially incorrect invoices is collected and delivered by Kaunt

2. We check the list

Kaunt’s own accountants review the posting to see if the VAT is posted correctly

3. PwC verifies

VAT experts from our partner PwC will then verify the postings

4. Then, Kaunt tracks all invoices

With all errors corrected, Kaunt can now make sure that VAT is done correctly moving forward on all invoices

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