The way companies think Accounts Payable Automation is about to fundamentally change

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s growing. This technology is adding an entirely new dimension to the automation agenda as it gives systems the ability to detect patterns and improve procedures as it gets more and more jobs done. Automation is no longer just about robots, it’s about robots with brains and the capacity to adapt, learn, and improve.

A new technological wave is here.
And we have designed the board to ride it.

Artificial intelligence is coming ashore now. It’s the next big technological revolution after the microchip in 1980, the internet in 1993, the smartphone, and the cloud in 2006-07. AI will lead to big changes and put the companies and employees, who seize the opportunity to start now, in a position to strengthen their competitive edge.


The Internet



The Microchip

The Internet

Smartphones/The Cloud


Kaunt is the frontrunner in AI for Finance

We have developed Kaunt for finance departments in ambitious companies who put digitalization, innovation, and technology at the top of their strategic agenda. We work with companies that are ready to use the power of new technologies to help solve business problems and are open to implementing AI in their daily operations.


of finance activities can be automated
- McKinsey, 2018


invoices handled by Kaunt
- by September 2021


of executives consider AI important
- Microsoft/EY, 2018


believe their company is well-prepared for AI in finance
- PwC, 2020

Kaunt adresses some of the most central issues that today's CFOs face

They miss the chance to become strategic business partners

Tangled up in administration and inhibited by poor-quality data, many CFOs fail to reach their potential.

Too much focus on the past

Finance departments tend to report on what happened in the past, not on what might be coming in the future.

Days are spent on tedious routines that don’t add value

Top notch professionals in finance departments waste their time energy doing manual work Their expertise could be put to better use. 

The finance department doesn’t support the digital agenda of the company

Many companies are not taking advantage of the opportunity to digitize their accounting procedures, enabling them to work smarter.

Failure to improve their competitive edge

A company needs every department, including finance, to support their quest for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Frank 5

Kaunt is here to help finance departments automate processes and provide the management team with better, faster, and predictive insights for AI-driven decision making. Our starting point is automation of Accounts Payables, and we will address new central areas as we continuously bring the benefits of AI to finance.”

Frank Aaquist, CEO

– Kaunt

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