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Your all-in-one tool for fully automatic bookkeeping with AI

Kaunt A/S’ solution for automatic bookkeeping has been conceived to make fully automatic bookkeeping easier, better and more effective. This is how we do it:

It sounds difficult, but don’t worry - we have it under control

More than twenty municipalities have now chosen Kaunt as their platform for automated invoice handling. Many of them after rigorous market research. That’s how we know what we’re doing, and we know that we can help your organization too!


Kaunt has been conceived to make fully automatic bookkeeping easier, better and more effective. This is how we do it:

The easy part

We setup everything for you = lean back and have fun. We’re serious! We really are. When the data processing agreement has been signed and your IT department has set up user access for Kaunt, you can relax and look forward to becoming operational. Within a few weeks, you and your team can cut the ribbon and press go. The following day, Kaunt will book the first supplier invoices. 

No regulations or RPA-processes = no maintenance

Kaunt is built 100% on self-learning systems. Your data and your historic booking practice contains the knowledge that the AI algorithms need to understand the behaviour of your choice. Therefore:


  • no rules to be built or maintained
  • you won’t need to make changes to your current workflow
  • you won’t have to inconvenience your IT department with new builds or rebuilds


Kaunt analyzes your technical setup on its own and adapts to it automatically. And it even helps systematize your booking practice.

The improved part

Advanced risk assessment – sleep tight. Are things askew? Don’t worry. The heart of Kaunt’s solution for automatic invoice handling are the unique AI-based algorithms which, in real-time, monitor all incoming invoices. Your only task is to spot circumstances that might be reason for the invoice to not be paid automatically. For instance, are there circumstances on the supplier site or the client site that make you think twice? In that case, the invoice is immediately identified and extracted for checkup. Only invoices carrying a green “approved” stamp is forwarded for bookkeeping and payment. 

Implementation – a small matter, KMD Opus, ØS Indsigt, Fujitsu Prisme, Oracle, SAP – we’re prepared. The thing is that Kaunt resides on top of your already existing system, so in this case too you don’t need to move a muscle or worry about your current or future choice of ERP or workflow systems.

Naturally, Kaunt is ISO 27001-certified as well as GDPR-certified, and we order an annual ISAE 3402-statement, so in this case, too, you can rest easy.

The effective part

It might be self-explanatory, but here it is, spelled out: With Kaunt, an invoice is booked, risk assessed and forwarded for payment in less than 1 minute. Automatic handling frees up time for the individual employee, who can go about other tasks with a calm mind, with Kaunt all the while handling the invoices 100% automatically in real-time. This means that, as long as you spend more than 1 minute per invoice, a helping hand from Kaunt makes sense to your organization.


As sole supplier in Denmark, we offer a solution where each step from setup to operation and on-going surveillance is 100% automated. Already we are able to process and pay 40-80% of all invoices automatically. And our ambitions do not stop here.


Are you ready?

Do you want to know more?

Reach out to us at +45 70 60 21 02 or We offer a free presentation of options online – but we’d also love to drop by and talk it through over a cup of coffee!  

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