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Customer story

Digital transformation in Dragør municipality with Kaunt

In 2019, Dragør Municipality began its digital transformation regarding the handling of supplier invoices in collaboration with Kaunt. The Kaunt solution, based on cunning utliziation of artifical intelligence, was the perfect answer to the ambitions of Dragør municipality to become more digital and to free up time and resources.


Customer story

More time for local citizen access through accounts payables

Skive municipality want more. And the path forward has been struck. Now it’s time to dial up automation even further. That is, the FULL automation with which invoices no longer need to be handled through employee resources (apart from the mandatory random tests and management inspection), Anette Andersen predicts.


Customer story

A safe journey towards AI-based automation

“Considering the invoice checkups and robust algorithms that form the basis of Kaunt, I can only conclude that the team behind it have really done their utmost. The system is user-friendly and stable, and now, it automatically handles a large amount of our incoming supplier invoices.”


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