AI in finance

for  intelligent automation   better and faster decisions      more speed and accuracy  no bad mondays

AI in finance

for intelligent better and       more speed   no bad 

automation  faster decisions and accuracy mondays

Kaunt is an AI-powered Finance Solution that helps finance departments know more, execute faster, and perform better.


The AI-powered finance solution.
Begin today. Expand tomorrow.

Kaunt helps finance departments automate processes and provide their management teams with better, faster, and more predictive insights for decisionmaking. Our AIpowered platform is tailored for finance departments in public and private companies wanting to excel in automation, compliance, and analytics. 

Integrates perfectly


The CFO should help management make better decisions, and more quickly.

Back in the old days, the finance department was a place where a team of accountants, led by a CFO, kept the place tidy and supplied the management with backward-looking reports – often with numbers three months old. Today, top managers in mature companies use their finance function as a forward-looking, strategic partner that brings finance and business together. As a business partner where the CFO becomes a CVO – Chief Value Officer – if not by name then by virtue.”

Jørn Jepsen, Partner
– Deloitte

Most companies
can benefit from Kaunt

Our platform can be customised to fit any finance departments needs across different industries.


Public Sector


Midsize Companies


Enterprise Companies

Automatic accounting of accounts payable


invoices handled (September, 2021). 

Kaunt automatically handles your accounts payable using artificial intelligence. The AI platform continually analyzes data, improving precision and productivity, rather than working mindlessly in “robot mode”.

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