AI powered Accounts Payable

for  intelligent automation   better and faster decisions      more speed and accuracy  no bad mondays

AI powered Accounts Payable

for intelligent better and       more speed   no bad 

automation  faster decisions and accuracy mondays

Kaunt is an AI-powered Finance Solution that helps finance departments know more, execute faster, and perform better.

Kunstig intelligens i økonomiafdelingen

bedre og hurtigere beslutninger  intelligent automatisering  højere hastighed og præcision  ingen dårlige mandage 

AI in finance

for intelligent better and       more speed   no bad 

automation  faster decisions and accuracy mondays

Kaunt er en AI-powered løsning til økonomiafdelingen, der giver jer mere viden, hjælper jer med at eksekvere hurtigere og præstere bedre.

Accounts Payable Automation
Powered by AI technology

Kaunt is state of the art Artificial Intelligence for Accounts Payable Automation and Account Coding, unlike anything you have seen before!

  • Save 5+ minutes per invoice by automate posting, routing and dimensions
  • Plug-in for your existing ERP-system
  • No manual maintenance
  • No templates and no rules – only pure AI
  • Minimum 1000 non-PO a month
  • ROI from day One

You know that AI is going to be a game-changer in finance and Accounts Payable for the next decade. So does our customers.

Integrates perfectly with

And many more


" It is a matter of "disrupt or die". You cannot afford to wait and do nothing because your competition is on the move. You have to keep up. You have to be faster than the competition to lead the market."

– Anders Liu-Lindberg, co-founder, COO and CMO of Business Partnering Institute


Want to know more? We’ve gathered som insights on AI in finance and you can dive deeper into the subject in this whitepaper.


Most companies
can benefit from Kaunt

Our platform can be customised to fit any finance department’s needs across different industries.


Public Sector


Midsize Companies


Enterprise Companies

Accounts Payable Automation


invoices handled (September, 2021). 

Kaunt handles your accounts payable using artificial intelligence. The AI platform continually analyzes data, improving precision and productivity, rather than working mindlessly in “robot mode”.

Ready to benefit from AI to optimise your Account Coding and Accounts Payable in your finance department?

Automate your
Account Coding

Automate your accounting with artificial intelligence. Fill the form and one of our AI experts will contact you and give you a live review of how your Accounts Payable processes can be automated.


  • Talk to an expert that focus on where you are and which systems you use
  • Save time on examinations and tests
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