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Municipalities and other public institutions rely on Kaunt to automate accounting jobs. In fact, one quarter of Danish municipalities now use Kaunt to reap the benefits of AI for invoice handling.

Frank 5

The Danish public sector is perhaps the most digitalized in the world. We help municipalities take their next step by implementing AI.”

Frank Aaquist, CEO
– Kaunt

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What Kaunt can do for public organizations

Provide better service to citizens

Many public organizations are meant to serve the local community. Kaunt can take over a large part of the accounting tasks, making it possible to redirect human resources for important citizen-facing work.

Improve employee satisfaction

Administrative tasks often take up much of an employee’s day, leaving little time for more rewarding and engaging work. Organizations have seen employee satisfaction improve significantly after Kaunt has been implemented.

Meet cost-cutting requirements

Cost reduction is on the agenda of most public organizations. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to make administrative processes more efficient, saving time and money.

Be a reliable customer

Public organizations that pay their suppliers late risk getting a bad reputation. Kaunt streamlines the invoice-handling process and ensures invoices are paid on time.


Automating accounts payables has given us more time to serve citizens.”

Annette Andersen, Manager of Finance

– Skive Municipality, Denmark

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